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The play-fight (video)

My friend Sophie Shih Tzu and me like to play-fight. A lot. Usually it’s a very loud game with lots of growling. We made a video of us. This fight is actually quite tame and particularly quiet. We haven’t drawn blood. Yet. Ooh. And PS – …

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Da girls

Today I went to the hairdresser and I have a new ‘do.’ Actually I went to the dog dresser and Mrs Debbie cut my fur. I was very naughty and she had to muzzle me. Mrs Debbie says I am an alpha female. She also thinks …

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My friend Sophie Shih Tzu

My friend Sophie Shih Tzu came for Mother’s Day dinner today. She’s coming to stay with us for a few days next week and we have to try not to kill each other. Yes, we’re both cute Shih Tzu girls but I’m the boss and Sophie …

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