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Day 9: the 12 Days of Cuteness 2012

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It’s Day 9 of my 12 Days of Cuteness – a celebration of pet cuteness over the holidays.

I’m presenting photos of all the anipals and messages from them or their persons over the 12 days of Christmas. Check out the official gallery of cuteness right now.

Miss Dolly Parton


“Miss Dolly Parton is half Shih Tzu and half Min Pin. She’s absolutely insane and will chase her tail for days,” says her person.



“This is Mollie, my lovely yet trollish little Springer Spaniel. Four years old, she’s in the prime of her life, and doesn’t miss any opportunities in making me laugh/look foolish.”

Check out Mollie’s blog called Mollie and Her Ridiculous Life.

Natalie Portman


“Our persons’ friend Lauren told me to send you this picture of me from the first day of sun in a dog year.

I’m a bit hopped up on vitamin D in the photo and I typically don’t have such a high vertical or a spontaneous updo.

My name is Natalie Portman (I go by just Portman.) I’m half Poodle and half Golden Retriever. I’m three and a half or in my early twenties, depending on your calendar.

I have a few quirky behaviours. Like I sleep in the garden in the summer. I never get up until 11 a.m. if I can help it. I love to bring mail to my people when they come home and switch them for their mittens. Whenever I find anything that stinks, I love to roll my body on it.

I love to eat goose poop, but my mom says that’s not funny.

Your blog is rad.”



Nicklas’ person says, “Nicklas is going to be 16 in April. So he is currently 15.5 years old.

He is a Maltese/Poodle-cross.

Because Nicklas has an advanced ‘collapsed trachea’ condition his ability to bark comfortably is diminishing (and he is a VERY communicative little dog. LOL! Very ‘barky’). As a result, he has taken to tapping people/humans on the leg (at HIS eye-level: their calf) to get their attention.

It is very sweet, and he does this constantly.

Very adorable, indeed.”



Om was rescued as a puppy, so we’re not totally sure how old he is. He was found wandering on the streets and the shelter that first took him in put his birth date down as February 2011. Our vet thinks he may be a few months younger but we’re going with the February date. So that makes him about 1.75 years old right now.

Om’s full name is Omkar – named after the Hindu God Ganesh, the cutest and feistiest of all the Hindu Gods. Omkar means of the form of ‘Om,’ the sound of the cosmos.

When Om was first found, he was barely 4lbs, emaciated, had severe food anxiety and scavenged for any crumbs that he could find. That doggy is thankfully not recognizable now. He is now a healthy 10lbs and has developed a very distinctive gourmet palate. He may sniff at takeout food but turns his nose up and will refuse to eat lower cuts of meat. He eats dry dog food for breakfast but only accepts home-cooked organic, balanced meals for dinner.

He can also tell the difference between an heirloom organic carrot and conventional grocery store carrots, spitting out the latter if they are ever offered to him. He loves spinach, aragula and chard leaves. He will beg for them more energetically than he will for a bone. We actually had to put up a fence and gate around our vegetable garden because he would run to it and munch on all the tender leaves as soon as they sprouted.

Om is quite the expert at the flying-Shih-Tzu game – sailing across couches, any other furniture at top speed, when he is super excited. He loves to play fetch but will not part with the toy when he brings it back unless he is tickled and tricked into dropping it.

He loves little children and will reach up to their shoulders and cover them in kisses. He also loves meeting little furry dogs. He just does not like non-furry dogs, especially if they’re lots bigger than him, which almost all are.

The little furball has so much personality and fills my heart so thoroughly, it’s hard to stop writing!” says Om’s person.

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  1. You have so many beautiful friends!

    Oink oink,

    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

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