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It’s day seven of my 12 Days of Cuteness and the last day of 2013.

To ring in the New Year, we have a bumper cutetastic selection of photos including the one and only Coccolino mini pig.

As usual, my favourite photo begins the lineup but the rest are in no particular order.

If you want to be sure you see all the posts for the 12 Days of Cuteness, use this link.

Disco (dog of the day)


According to his mum, 12 year old Shih Tzu mix Disco is “… a total goofball who loves the camera, and clearly the camera loves him back. We decided to update his ‘look book’ for his modelling portfolio ;) with the help of Brian Johnson of Good Dog Photography [who] captured Disco’s shiny fur and sparkling personality to a T.”

We couldn’t agree more. Disco lives in the same city as me and I’ve met him. He’s an absolute bundle of fun and a loyal supporter of the 12 Days of Cuteness over the past few years. Happy New Year Disco!



This is Tuxx sent to us by Puppies on the Prairie.

Miss Tiki

Miss Tiki

This is Miss Tiki sent to us by Puppies on the Prairie.



This is Madeline sent to us by Puppies on the Prairie.

Shih Tzu puppy litter


This is a litter of Shih Tzu puppies born in spring 2013 sent to us by Puppies on the Prairie.

Linda and family with Santa

Dogs with Santa

From left to right, meet Vinnie, Diva, Bruce, Moosh and Lewis.

Their mum says, “Vinnie is a three year old Malamute something cross who likes to spin when he’s happy.

Diva is a six year old (possible) Pomeranian/Peke cross who may be small but is the boss of the house.

Bruce is a three year old (possible) Lab/Mastiff who eats everything and anything left on the counter.

Moosh the Poodle is around six or seven and is my foster dog and has the most hilarious, adorable personality. She comes with a selection of sweaters and pj’s.

And Lewis who is about six and some sort of Sheltie mix. He’s a dead ringer for the dog on the medium Milk Bone box.”



This is also one of my favourite photos submitted this year and therefore honorary dog of the day.

The cutetastic pooch in the picture is Chewie, a five year old Lhasa Apso mix who, according to his mum, “… was adopted from Winnipeg Animal Services in January 2009.

Chewie is staff dog at The Little Dog House and takes his job very seriously. On his days off, Chewie enjoys naps, cuddles and chasing his tail. He also enjoys long walks and playtime with his daddy.”



Bruno is an eight year old Lhasa Poo who was rescued from a family who didn’t want him any more. His mum says, “He loves having a brother (Chewie, pictured above) and sister (Brandie, pictured below) to hang out with all the time. He watches over all the other little doggies at The Little Dog House Small Dog Daycare as a staff dog. With Attitude.

Bruno really knows how to nap – he has tried about 50 different positions and this one is his favourite.”



Brandie is a chocolate Shih Tzu who was adopted from Manitoba Pug Rescue in August 2010.

Her mum says, “She was rescued from a high kill shelter in Missouri, after being retired from breeding. ‘Dr’ Brandie is now a therapy dog who visits retirement homes and friends in hospital. Her talent as a therapy dog is cuddles.”

Who wouldn’t benefit from cuddles with beautiful Brandie?


Cocco mini pig

One year old mini potbelly pig Coccolino loves to cuddle says his mum. “He uses his snout to push his head under my shirt when he cuddles so he can soak up as much warmth as possible!”

Awwww! Perhaps Coccolino is a candidate for a therapy pig?


  1. Awww, such cuties. You have the best collection of adorable pets all gathered in one spot! And thank you for including a wiry haired piggy too :-) Happy New Year!

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