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Day 5: the 12 Days of Cuteness 2012

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It’s Day 5 of my 12 Days of Cuteness – a celebration of pet cuteness over the holidays.

I’m presenting photos of all the anipals and messages from them or their persons over the 12 days of Christmas. Check out the official gallery of cuteness right now.

Coco Bean


Coco Bean is a five year old Shih Tzu owned by the beautiful Sarah Dickerson who runs Chic Sprinkles.

“Coco is the nosiest dog you might ever meet. She LOVES to sit in the window to spy on the neighbors and eaves drop. She also likes to keep fit by sprinting laps around the living room with her squeaky toys, its pretty funny to watch!” says Sarah.



Daisy’s person says, “Daisy is a Shih Tzu/Maltese/Poodle cross and she is six years old.

The thing that she does that gets the most smiles and chuckles from people who meet her is having established that the human is an acceptable tummy rubber she will lift her back leg, sometimes while still standing, but usually she will partially lie down to show you that she wants her tummy rubbed. She just flops down and the leg goes up to show her soft, pink tummy. And if you don’t take the bait quick enough she’ll reach out with her front paw and gesture that it’s tummy rub time.

As for getting laughs from her mamma, she brightens every minute of my day with the way she is and the things she does.”



Destiny’s person says, “Destiny is a grey tabby cat. He’s 16 years old but people often mistake him for much younger because he’s very small. His hobbies include napping in sunny places, eating grass and playing with his soccer balls.”



Dexter’s person says, “Dexter is three years and three months old and is a Maine Coone/Tabby mix.

He loves water and learned how to turn on the water faucet in the bathroom. He loves to watch the shower. Tinkly sounds are irresistible to him. He’ll run from across the room when I put my earrings down on a hard surface and tries to grab them from me.

He love to play fetch with cat toys and falls asleep in the most awkward positions.

He’s a BIG cat but has the tiniest voice. Sometimes he tries to meow but nothing comes out.

Dexter is crazy about banana bread.”

Disco & Stanley



“Stanley Hull (cat) is Disco’s new cousin. He is an orange Tabby and, at only six months old, is just a baby and everything he does is pretty funny. He hasn’t met his cousin Disco yet – Stanley’s people thought it would be best to wait until he had his ‘no longer a man’ surgery, and now we haven’t found the time.

I have heard through my sister (Disco’s aunt) that he likes to stalk balled up tin foil or paper and gets so excited over them that he hops like a bunny, only sideways!

He is also still learning his name and when Summer or Hugh yell ‘Stanley’ down the basement steps for him to come eat, they often find him sitting beside them staring down the stairs right with them, wondering why this ‘Stanley’ won’t come up when there is clearly a meal to be eaten.

Disco (Shih Tzu), by comparison, is a senior citizen at 11 years old now. His 12th birthday is on January 18 so he is closer to 12. He is still quite the goofball as you can see from that upside down photo. One of the funny things he does is when he’s looking for extra attention, he lays upside down on his back (just like in the photo) and kicks his back legs out violently. He does it like a twitch and everyone comes running to see what is wrong with him. Once I blow the whistle and tell them he wants their attention the concern turns to laughter and extra snuggles. Mission accomplished in his mind.”