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Day 4: the 12 Days of Cuteness 2012

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It’s Day 4 of my 12 Days of Cuteness – a celebration of pet cuteness over the holidays.

I’m presenting photos of all the anipals and messages from them or their persons over the 12 days of Christmas. Check out the official gallery of cuteness right now.

Champie & Yeti



“Champie is a Boston Terrier, he is eight months old. He loves to give slobbery kisses and nibble on your ankles. He is also quite a little fart machine.

Yeti is a Shih Tzu, he is two years old. Yeti loves to initiate his back rubs by laying right on you and thanking you by kisses,” writes their person.

ChiChi, MeiLing, Mushu & Ripley





Their person says, “All my dogs are Shih Tzus. The beige one is ChiChi and he is a tough guy but afraid of the word biscuit!

The older one in MeiLing. She is forgetful as she is menopausal. She can’t remember what she is doing from one minute to the next.

Mushu is the youngest and he is mama’s baby. He sits sleeps and does everything with mommy. His favorite place to sit is my boobies!

The pretty one with the well groomed look and sitting by a lamp with a top knot is Ripley. He is my very first Shih Tzu and he won my heart the day I saw him. He talked at supper and lets you know what he wants.”



Cocco is a mini pig. His person says, “Cocco is five months old. We live in Rochester, NY.

Cocco does A LOT of funny things! I guess I am torn between two but this is tough since he always makes us laugh. He gives ‘piggy kisses.’ And he also has this spot on him where if you touch him he just passes out.”

Check out their blog called My Mini Pet Pig.

Coffee & Daisy


Coffee (the fairer one) is seven and Daisy (the darker but smaller one) is four. They are 100% pure Shih Tzu.

“We are part time groomers! We groom our humans everyday. Every morning our sister wakes up clean (but wet) because Coffee will lick her face (every single pore will be cleaned and exfoliated) while Daisy will clean her arms and fingers (even in between her human paws!) Hehe.”


  1. Aww, thanks for sharing Cocco’s picture! Some real cuties on there again!

    Oink oink,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

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