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Day 3: the 12 Days of Cuteness 2012

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It’s Day 3 of my 12 Days of Cuteness – a celebration of pet cuteness over the holidays.

I’m presenting photos of all the anipals and messages from them or their persons over the 12 days of Christmas. Check out the official gallery of cuteness right now.



Breakfast is a Boston Terrier. According to Breakfast’s person, “He loves to be wrapped up in blankets when he sleeps. He toots when he’s relaxed, wears a sweater when it’s too cold or else he won’t go outside and loves neck massages.”

Buster Keaton Brown & Prince Niles Blanket


“Buster Keaton Brown is two year old Cocker Spaniel and loves to chase tennis balls in the backyard. Prince Niles Blanket is a four year old Pomeranian and he loves to cuddle” says their person.

Candy, Flower, Dottie & Nigel





These Shih Tzus have their own blog called Same Shih Tzu Different Day. They say, “When one of us comes downstairs or comes home, Flower gets excited and runs like Dumbo, bobbing her head from side to side, wide eyed, lifting her feet high, prancing, and sometimes waving her front paws around in the air in her Karate Kid ‘wax on, wax off’ routine.

Nigel likes to drag out toys from the toy box and bring them up to the couch in his mouth. He stands there with his front paws on the couch, toy in his mouth, staring and waiting for us to help him up. Sometimes the toy look as big as his head.

When Candy wants to get your attention, she jumps straight up into the air, twists her body from side to side, comes down, and does it again, barking crazily.

Dottie gets carried away sniffing and falls behind sometimes when we let her walk herself; when she notices, her eyes get wide and she takes off like a rocket, looking like a stick dog because she doesn’t bend her knees.”



Champ is an English Bulldog, aged 10. He likes to dance and paint. Champ is a therapy dog. Together with his person he founded the first bulldog anti-bullying campaign called Bullies Against Bullying.

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