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It’s day 11 of my 12 Days of Cuteness. Our holiday celebration of pet cuteness ends tomorrow.

As always, I’ve picked my favourite photo to begin the lineup but the rest are in no particular order.

If you want to be sure you see all the posts for the 12 Days of Cuteness, use this link.

Mia (dog of the day)


We featured Mia on day three. We didn’t realise that this Mia was the same as that Mia. So, you get a second hit of cuteness with this photo.

“This little girl knows when she is in trouble for doing something wrong and as soon I ask she runs and hides inside her toy box among the toys,” says Mia‘s dad.

Chloe Belle

Chloe Belle

Chloe Belle recently turned five. Her mum says, “She is a female rescue Shih Tzu and the love of my life! She loves her hair bows and will even bring them to me. She is a princess.”

Unknown Shih Tzu


We don’t know this little cutie’s name because her mum didn’t include it when she submitted the photo. But we do know she’s a super cute three year old Shih Tzu. Her mum says, “She grunts, turns her head as if she’s trying to understand you, and she snarks at me when she wants to eat, go outside, or play.”

And by the looks of things cutie pie here is a big sock fan. Ahhhh! A doggie after my own heart. Except I prefer dirty ones. In fact, the dirtier, the better.



Chisai-Tomodachi is a five year old Shih Tzu. Her mum says, “She is my fufu tomboy.”



This beautiful Border Collie is 12 year old Soda. Her mum says, “Of a night time Soda chooses to sleep on our bed instead of her own. Turns out a neighbour cat loves this situation and has taken to sleeping on Soda’s bed on the porch. Soda got a big shock when she discovered her there one morning, but she comes back all the time – we’ve nicknamed her Gingersnaps.”



We think this little three year old Yorkie is called KC but that could just as well stand for Kennel Club.

His mum says, “He’s deaf and is the best little dog around. He lives with two pitbulls who he rules.”


  1. Thank you for including Chisai.

  2. I just adore you Sadie. You make every day a little happier with your precious face. Your twelve days of Christmas are almost over, and I will miss them. Tell your Mum she is very lucky to have such a sweet girl. I also have a Shih Tzu, she is eight years old, and her name is Chloe. She is white and black. I see so many of her expressions in your face, I guess that is why I’m drawn to your site. Until next time dear little one.

    • Mrs Carol – thank you. That’s the sweetest comment I’ve ever read. I’m SO glad you enjoy my photos. That’s EXACTLY why I have this blog. Just to brighten up someone’s day. Really.

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