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It’s day 10 of my 12 Days of Cuteness – a celebration of pet cuteness over the 12 days of Christmas.

It was super hard to pick a favourite photo for today’s lineup. But I’ve decided to go with my best Instagram friend, Maizy Moo cos she’s super funny and super cute.

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Maizy Moo (dog of the day)

Maizy Moo

Maizy Moo Shih Tzu is only eight months old. Her mum says “She’s super stubborn.” Hmmm. Sounds like me.

Maizy and I first met on Instagram late last year. She totally endeared herself to us by going to the groomer and asking for ‘the Sadie Shih Tzu cut.’ Check out her Instagram for pics of her with long hair. She looks like another dog. In fact, her family joked that they’d taken the wrong dog home cos Maizy looked so different.

Not only is Maizy super cute but she’s also really funny. We love reading her cheeky Instagram captions.

Princess Brin

Princess Brin

“My name is Princess Brin, I am six months old. I am Prapso Shih Tzu puppy and the Ambassador of Prapso Everywhere – so many breeders think they should be ashamed of these types of puppies. They used to throw me away and even kill me to keep the secret. I am here to educate and to stomp out the shame.

I am not saying you should breed to get them but, if these little miracles happen, you should be thankful. We are completely healthy, smart and considered a non-grooming Shih Tzu.

We are wonderful, loving pets with the personality of a Shih Tzu but without the expense of grooming. We are not for show or breeding. We are perfect for just being part of your family. My mommy loves me and I love her!”

We’d never heard of Prapso puppies before so we did a bit of digging on the interwebs and discovered that, “… a small number of Lhasa Apso (and Shih Tzu, apparently) are missing the gene for profuse face and body hair, ending up looking more like Tibetan Spaniels or Pekingnese (they still have long hair, but it’s more like fur, not human hair, and they have clean faces.) The genetic basis for this anomaly is still not clear.” (Source: Dogster)

Her Royal Majesty Bree Bree Elizabeth

Her Royal Majesty Bree Bree Elizabeth

Gah! We can’t get over this cute face.

Her Royal Majesty Bree Bree Elizabeth is a three year old Imperial Shih Tzu. Her mum says, “She loves to model and is a big mommy’s girl but has a tom boy side.”



Kaito’s mum writes, “Kaito is a five year old mixed breed domestic short hair with half a tail – he was born that way, he is part Manx and part Siamese, and we look forward to his singing every Christmas!”



Noelle is a 10 month old Maltese. Her mum says, “Noelle is a little soccer star! The balls from the pet store were too heavy for her so we got her pink (of course!) ping pong balls. She chases them around like crazy in the house and tries to pick up more than one ball at a time.”



This little Shih Tzu is Molly shown at three months here. She’s two now, says her mum. “This was her first outfit. Thought she looked cute sporting the animal print.”



This is five month old Shih Tzu Nutty. His mum says, “Nutty tires himself out while chasing his own tail. And when he can’t reach it he barks at it.”

Ah, yes. Also one of my favourite pastimes.

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